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Powder Coating, Shot Blasting, Sand Blasting

How Long Does Wheel Powder Coating Take?

Powder coating has numerous advantages over painting which are impossible to overlook. However, it is more time-consuming than a paint job. How long does wheel powder coating really take?

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Grit Blasting

What Surfaces & Applications Benefit From Grit Blasting?

Grit blasting is a surface preparation method that involves spraying a surface with abrasive grits under high pressure. This blasts away surface contaminants and old paint and prepares a surface for finishing, coating or repainting. Depending on the surface on which the work is being performed, the abrasive media can consist of metallic shards,[...]

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March & April 2019 Project Highlights

With May 2019 now upon us, its time to take a quick look back at some of our project highlights from the last couple of months!

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Powder Coating

Is It Worth Getting My Alloy Wheels Powder Coated?

This article is for any car owner who may be considering getting his or her alloy car wheels powder coated. Our recommendation is, yes, powder coating is a worthwhile investment, which will improve the durability of your alloys, protecting them from scratches and helping them look better for longer.

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Sand Blasting

Abrasive Cleaning Alternatives To Sandblasting

For the cleaning of industrial equipment, there is simply nothing better than abrasive blasting. This process is one of the best ways to remove rust, paint, oil and other surface pollutants from machinery. Sandblasting used to be the most popular form of abrasive cleaning in the UK, but has now been illegal since 1999. This article explores[...]

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Structural Steel Fabrication

Cambridge University Case Study

At GLW Engineering we believe in good quality. That’s why we take our CE rating so seriously, and why we continually invest in new equipment and innovations. However, sometimes there is nothing as good as a timeless staircase, and our recent project for Cambridge University reinforces the importance of finding harmony between appearance,[...]

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Structural Steel Fabrication

Join Us At The March Steam & Vintage Show

Image source:

There are few better ways to experience the spirit of the historic fenland town of March than when the annual steam fair rolls into town. Offering a little something for everyone, this event showcases classic steam engines against a backdrop of local craft ales, a miniature steam train,[...]

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What Is A CE Marking & What Are The CE Legislations?

Quality and reliability are everything when it comes to manufacturing. When the fabricated part is an element of your building, vehicle, or equipment, you really need to guarantee that every single quality standard is covered. CE marks help you identify good manufacturing standards. Here’s your 101 guide to what’s involved.

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Traditional Galvanising, Hot Zinc Spraying

Exhibition Alert! Parson Drove Custom Car, Bike & Trike Show & Shine 2019

Nothing says summer quite like a classic car festival, and GLW is looking forward to exhibiting at this year’s Parson Drove. The festival is about more than live music, craft beers, and family fun. It’s also about bringing together people from local communities, connecting services and ideas. GLW Engineering and Construction Ltd are ardent[...]

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Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting A BMW E30 325i

We were happy to help the YouTube channel Restore It in their restoration series of a BMW E30 325i. It was a great opportunity to really get to look at the chassis of the E30. We had the chassis put on a rotisserie and shot-blasted with medium grit glass media.

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