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When Would You Use A Grained Finish On Stainless Steel?

Regardless of whether stainless steel is for commercial or domestic use, in decorative or structural elements, the surface finish is a critical component.

A grained, or brushed, finish is achieved by creating parallel lines of rough ‘grains’ on a stainless steel surface, in one direction only. The grain makes the surface less susceptible to[...]

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Structural Steel Fabrication, Steel Staircase

What Types Of Staircase Make The Best Use Of Steel Fabrication?

We all use staircases, generally without giving too much thought to their design and structure. Yet any staircase must fulfil at least two primary requirements: First, and most important, it must be fit for purpose – i.e. function as and when required, and provide essential safety and security so that users are not exposed to undue risk of[...]

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Steel Staircase

What Regulations Apply To Staircases In The UK?

Since 2010, any staircase built or maintained in the United Kingdom has been governed by an extensive, stringent set of legally-binding safety and quality control regulations. These regulations control the height, length, safety features, materials, and joinery used in every new and renovated staircase in Britain as well as their surroundings.[...]

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Steel Staircase

Why Choose Spiral Staircases For Small Spaces

Do you need to safely connect two floors yet lack vast amounts of space on either? Have you completed an attic renovation or loft conversion and want to move beyond using a retractable ladder to get in and out? Are you looking for a tasteful, efficient, yet unobtrusive addition for your commercial space? If so, a spiral staircase from GLW[...]

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