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Metal Fabrication in Norwich, Handrailing Fabrication

The Fabrication Process For Handrailings

No matter how modern the ‘cost is no object’ interior of your client’s new office complex, the pièce de résistance is often the contemporary sweeping stairway with its glass balustrades and stainless steel handrails leading up to a mezzanine floor and surrounding balcony. In other areas of the business, such as warehouse or factory floor,[...]

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Structural Steel Fabrication

Why You Should Avoid Cheap Metal Fabrication Companies

You are entrusting your architectural steel fabrication to a third party, so you really hope you have made a good choice. Metal fabrication companies are like any other industry in that the range of standards and quality can be anything from truly excellent to extremely poor. It’s the latter you want to avoid at all costs because the outcome of[...]

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Structural Steel Fabrication, Metal Fabrication in Norwich

5 Most Common Metals Used To Fabricate Railings & Handrails

From building and reinforcing, to internal, decorative safety features; metal, in one form or other, plays an important part in the construction and fitting out of commercial properties. Handrails and railings are a case in point. Where some years ago, spindles and banisters would have been manufactured almost exclusively from timber, today[...]

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Sand Blasting

Maintenance Solutions For Sand Blasted Surfaces

The question of how to maintain clean sand blasted surfaces before the coating process is a familiar one.

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Shot Blasting

How Shot Blasting Can Give Your Equipment A New Lease Of Life

Shot blasting is a fast and cost effective process for smoothening rough metal surfaces. It is commonly employed to restore old equipment and steelwork, removing dirt, grease, rust and old paint in preparation for repainting. Our shot blasting gallery shows several examples of how we have applied this in practice.

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Shot Blasting

5 Reasons Why Shot Blasting Is Better Than Chemical Cleaners

Shot blasting has recently become an essential part of the metal and steel fabrication industry since it is cost effective and leave good finish. Shot blasting is used when preparing architectural or structural steel component for finishing.

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Blasting Methods, Grit Blasting

The Grit Blasting Process Explained

Grit blasting is an extremely popular method of preparing the surface of an object for subsequent finishing, such as with painting, powder coating and others. By abrading the surface of a target object with a high speed stream of abrasive particles, dirt and rust are removed, and grit blasting can even impart a texture to the surface if[...]

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Powder Coating

How To Maintain Powder Coated Surfaces

Powder coated finishes are very robust and long lasting and normally require very little cleaning or maintenance. Some applications naturally receive more wear and tear than others and will show signs of ageing faster as a result. For example, a powder coated handrail on a busy staircase receives transfer of body oils, grime and dirt perhaps[...]

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GLW Exhibit At Local Events Summer 2018

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This summer we were delighted to support two popular local events as exhibitors. The Ramsey Steam & Fire Show took place in the sweltering early weeks of July, with funds raised for the Firefighter’s Charity. This coming weekend we’ll be attending a second event – the Peterborough Classic & Vintage Vehicle[...]

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Powder Coating

Common Examples Of Objects That Use Powder Coating

Objects that can be powder coated are restricted only by size, really. They are almost always metal but some processes can handle non-metal objects, like plastics. The powder coating process requires them to be suspended in a spray booth to spray on the coating and then baked to cure it. Baking can be carried out in an electric oven / gas oven[...]

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