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How To Avoid Problems When Sourcing Security Gates & Barriers  


Often taken for granted as part of the landscape, sturdy metaldefensive and protective closures are critical for security and safety.When fabricating our devices, our biggest priority is that they berobust and sturdy.

That includes the surroundings into which they are embedded andsecured. There is little point in having impressive and indestructiblesecurity gates if they can be easily dislodged from their foundations andpulled or pushed over. At GLW Engineering we take great care to thinkthrough all possible weakest links and cover those risks with soundengineering expertise and fabrication skills. Our expertise can guide youfrom rough sketches to the completed project, from site visit toinstallation. We work with the latest technology to ensure precisetechnical planning and quick results.

Comercial Trolley Fabrication


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Types Of Security Gate & Barrier

Security gates and grilles have a single purpose – to exclude people ortraffic. They should both look and be tough and robust. Requirements areoften stated as:

  • For industrial, commercial, agricultural, or domestic use
  • Conventional latched, kissing, bridle, one-way or two-way gates
  • Double gates & single gates
  • Sliding gates
  • Mono self-closing gates for areas used by children
  • Additional security features around gates
  • Security grilles that protect windows and doors from intrusion

can fulfil a multitude of purposes and come in a wide range oftypes and styles to suit each application. They can also provide protectionas well as serving defensive security functions. We can fabricate all of thefollowing barriers to your specifications:

  • Bollards to mark a perimeter, protect from traffic damage or act asram-raid defences
  • Vehicle impact protection strips with built-in crumple zones
  • Simple waist-high tubular steel barriers to contain vehicles in an areaor provide civilian protection
  • Height-restriction barriers to keep out trucks and caravans
  • Crowd-control barriers and chutes, and parapet barriers
  • Crash barriers, both permanent and removable

How We Make Them

Our fabrication process pays close attention to customer requirements at each stage, from careful design to our choice of materials – and the fabrication methodologies and equipment we use.

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We prepare 3D CAD plans from your draft designs and check that dimensions and proposed placement are correct and complete. The details are critical – and we don’t ignore them. We liaise with you at each stage of the design process to ensure nothing is overlooked.


The majority of the security gates, grilles and barriers that we supply are fabricated from mild steel. Some higher-grade security specifications may call for carbon steel, which is harder, but we also work in galvanised and stainless steel as well as aluminium and brass where required. We are happy to work with other materials when requested.

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Fabrication Process

All our employees are experts and take ownership of one or more aspectsof the process. The appropriate lengths of material are drawn from stockbefore fabrication begins. This follows a set pattern for each project,allowing for variation and customisation at each stage, as well as ongoing quality control.

  • Marking and measurement
  • Straightening if required
  • Cutting required lengths
  • Punching
  • Bending for angled sections
  • Stamping
  • Notching
  • Welding of vertical or horizontal mid bars or infill of choiceIf required – hot zinc spray treatment (a cost-effective alternative to dipgalvanisation)
  • Assembly of sections
  • Finishes – see below
  • If we are installing:
    • Transport to site
    • Installation in-situ


  • Stainless steel fabrications need no additional finish.
  • Powder coating makes for an attractive and long-lasting finish that canbe colour-coded to match other architectural features.
  • Hot zinc spray is ideal for gates and barriers where corrosion resistanceis important. We carry out this process in-house.


How To Avoid Problems When Sourcing Security Gates & Barriers

To avoid issues with communication or finish quality, take care whenchoosing a fabrication partner and getting the design stage straight. AtGLW we offer full end-to-end support to guarantee the result you need.

1. Your chosen fabricator should have successfully manufactured (andpotentially installed) something very similar in the past. There is nosubstitute for experience.

2. Minimise accidental operational traffic damage. Install a bollard orsimilar to prevent accidental traffic damage to the sides/edges of gatesor barriers.

3. Insist on quality by ensuring ISO9000 accreditation as a minimum and, ideally, CE factory accreditation. Fabricators that manufacturearchitectural steel to CE standard represent an additional quality level.

4. Specify single-piece gates to minimise any risk from bolts flying loose inthe event of a vehicle collision.

5. Carefully consider the effect of wind when designing automated swinggates and make allowances for it.

6. The fixings and surfaces that support the structure and its fixings mustbe robust enough to maintain the same level of defence as thestructure being supported.

7. Every installation can present a different set of challenges. If in anydoubt, it’s always advisable to consult with the fabricator at the designstage. Input based on practical experience can prove valuable.

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Why Choose GLW Engineering & Construction?

Since 1992 we have grown steadily, developing a strong reputation fordelivering results on time. At GLW Engineering we are reliable, we deliversuperb quality and we put a high emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Emphasis On Customer Satisfaction

We developed in-house treatments like hot zinc spray galvanising, shotblasting and powder coating. That means no extra costs for you totransport structures to external specialists - we also get the job donefaster. We think like our customers think, taking into account what theywant from a steel fabricator. Our ethos is to strive to understand ourcustomers’ requirements, offer creative advice and support, andcomplete work quickly, to the highest standards. We use time-testedprocesses and fabrication techniques to guarantee the best result eachtime.

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Architectural Steel Service: Security Gates, Grilles & Barriers

We take full ownership of the structural elements of construction andrefurbishment and take your designs through fabrication and finishing tophysical installation. We provide full professional indemnification. We canalso provide a supply-only service for self-installation including fabricatedsections, pre-drilled and coated if required. Our workshops are fullyequipped for forming and welding, fabricating and polishing, shotblasting, soda blasting and powder coating.

Highest Standards Including CE

You need to be confident that your steel fabricator implements the fullrange of applicable quality standards and regulations. That assurance iscritical to ensuring that everything you deliver for your client’s project iscompliant. The ‘harmonised standards’ for CE marking that we adhere toare the EU technical regulations for steel:

  • BS EN 1090-1 for fabricated structural steel
  • BS EN 15048-1 & BS EN 14399-1 for structural bolts
  • BS EN 10025-1 for steel plates
  • BS EN 10210-1 for hot finished hollow sections and BS EN 10219-1 forcold form welded hollow sections

The Construction Products regulation (CPR) requires a declaration ofperformance and CE marking for all structural and weight-bearing steelfabrications. We go further and demonstrate compliance with CEstandards for all our fabricated steel components including gates, grilles,barriers, railings and balustrades.

Experience & Expertise

We are proud of our wide range of steel fabrication experience and have a portfolio of images and testimonials that support it. All our engineers are design and fabrication experts, highly qualified and with many years of experience in their field. We select our team not only as technical experts, but also for their friendly and professional approach to customer service.

Added Value

Because metal fabrication is our passion and our speciality, creativity and design support are part and parcel of our operation - you get the benefit for no extra charge. This includes state-of-the-art 3D CAD software that we use in our design department for a better, much faster service. We enjoy keeping up-to-date on innovations and new developments in technology, and adopting them where it benefits our customers.

Contact Us

Thanks for downloading this guide. For a free quote please get in touch with our team by any of the following means:

T: 01945 464637

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