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How To Avoid Rust On Your Steel Balustrades

Steel is an excellent choice of metal for balustrades, as it offers decent resistance to rust and tarnishing as well as an eye-catching appearance that is both sleek and contemporary. However, despite its weather resistant properties, steel is not totally free from corrosion, particularly if it is poorly maintained.

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Blasting Methods, Shot Blasting, Abrasive Blast Cleaning Methods

3 Ways That Shot Blasting Can Improve Your Metalwork

Shot blasting is an abrasive ‘blast’ surface treatment that uses round metal shots that are propelled under high velocity, commonly to polish a metal substrate, to strengthen it, or to repair damaged metalwork by closing cracks or tiny tears. The force required to propel the particles is achieved using a centrifuge or wheel, spun at high[...]

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Soda Blasting, Shot Blasting, Grit Blasting, Abrasive Blast Cleaning Methods

Can Abrasive Blast Cleaning Be Eco-Friendly?

When you need to remove paint, rust, or other substances from industrial equipment, abrasive blast cleaning can be exceptionally effective. However, if you work for a company that's keen to minimise its impact on the environment, you may be worried that the process lacks green credentials. So, can abrasive blast cleaning be environmentally[...]

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Abrasive Blast Cleaning Methods

A Brief Guide To Bead Blasting

Many abrasive blast cleaning methods can be used to clean metal surfaces, each with their own pros and cons. In this post, we take a closer look at one of these processes – bead blasting – in more depth, so you can assess whether or not it meets your needs.

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