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5 Benefits Of Powder Coating Your Wheels

5 Benefits Of Powder Coating Your Wheels

Attractive wheel rims catch the eye and powder coating them makes an otherwise dull car much more appealing. You know that damaged, dirty and dull rims pull even the most expensive car down. Powder coating has an uplifting effect and is well worth the effort. There are some very good reasons why powder coating alloy wheels makes sense:

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Hard Wearing Protection

Roads are a hostile environment for the metals in vehicles. Salt and water cause corrosion. Stone chips are constantly being flung against the underside, wheels and body. Your wheel rims are under constant attack from these elements. Powder coating is tougher than conventional liquid paint and is also non-porous. That means it creates a barrier that helps your powder coated alloys to withstand the harshest conditions our roads can throw at them.

Long Lasting

Powder coating survives up to 3 times longer than conventional paint under the same conditions. There is a reason for that. After your alloys are sprayed with the powder, they are cured at a high temperature. That “baking” melts the plastic-type resins and turns the powder into a liquid which flows over the surface of your wheels. The protective surface it creates is thicker than paint and extremely durable.

Total Coverage

An electrostatic charge is used to make the powder stick to metal objects in the powder coating process. The added benefit is that the powder then gets to hard-to-reach places that can be difficult to treat with conventional liquid paint.

Environmentally Friendly

Powder coating wheel rims causes zero chemicals to be emitted. Conventional paint contains volatile organic compounds (VOC) that are hazardous to health and bad for the environment and the ozone layer. Also, excess powder that does not stick to the target objects is easily captured and recycled.

Powder Coating Costs Less

It saves you money in the long run because the beautiful finish lasts longer than paint. Even if it may be slightly more expensive to have it done, its long life makes it worthwhile. Your car maintains its value easier and powder coating adds a few pounds to its resale value and appeal.

Where Can I Get My Wheels Powder Coated?

Our powder coating workshop serves a wide area of Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Suffolk, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Rutland and Leicestershire. Call us for a quote and booking details on 01945 464 637 or email

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