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Powder Coating

What To Look For When Choosing The Right Company To Powder Coat Your Wheels

Powder coating wheel rims is one of the sure fire ways to bring an older car back to life. The fresh and shiny sparkle that powder coating delivers can be done either in an eye catching colour or matched carefully to the existing colour. Owners like the choice, no matter which option they choose. By offering them powder coating you are[...]

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GLW Wins Production Excellence Award For Second Consecutive Year

We are delighted to have won the Building & Construction Review’s Building Excellence Award in 2019! This reflects the major investments we’ve made over the past 12 months, especially in terms of 3D CAD design applications and in-house soda blasting/surface preparation facilities. We were humbled to have been nominated out of hundreds of[...]

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Structural Steel Fabrication

What Are The UK Building Regulations For Stairs & Steel Banister Rails?

At GLW Engineering, amongst the many quality steel products we make are bannisters and railings. These simple devices are literal lifesavers, protecting users from falls, drops, and trips on stairwells and high platforms.

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Structural Steel Fabrication

How To Find The Right Steel Barrier Contractor For Your Project

Everyone knows that the best contractors must be trustworthy and reliable. They also have to offer a personalised, customer-focused service at a practical cost. However, given that virtually every company will claim to do this, how do you pick the one that is really guaranteed to perform?

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Metal Fabrication in Norwich, Security Gates

How To Specify Your Metal Security Gates Correctly

When designing and installing security gates, the planning phase is crucial. There are various details that fabricators need to know in order to create the perfect, high-quality product. Here are some of the factors that a trustworthy security gate fabricator will ask for, and some of the elements that you will need to think about.

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Security Gates

Is Steel The Best Option For Your Security Gates & Barriers?

Security gates and barriers are an important investment. There are various different options to consider, and your manufacturer will be able to offer advice and guidance. However, here’s a brief introduction to some of the practical and fabrication elements that need to be thought about.

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Handrailing Fabrication

Legal Height Requirements For Railings In The UK

Railings have an important role to play in the safety of users, so they’re governed by a diverse range of regulations. In contrast with handrails, which are used for support, railings act as boundaries and barriers that prevent falling. As such, there are no strict limitations on their materials, but they must be able to handle a point load of[...]

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Security Gates & Barriers

How Are Metal Barriers Fabricated?

Metal barriers are found throughout the UK in a wide variety of places. Typically used in road construction and as safety measures, barriers help to limit crash damages, keep traffic flowing, and act as crowd control with pedestrians. How are they made? At GLW, we handle every step of the manufacturing and assembly process, from design to[...]

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Structural Steel Fabrication, Metal Fabrication in Norwich, Handrailing Fabrication

The Most Suitable Type of Metal For Outdoor Railings and Handrails

Your railings and handrails must do more than merely offer support and protection. They must survive rough weather, compliment your architecture, and keep looking good with minimal maintenance. Every metal satisfies these goals in unique ways, allowing project managers to find the precise properties they need from their railing systems.

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Structural Steel Fabrication, Balustrade Fabrication, Metal Fabrication in Norwich, Handrailing Fabrication

The Top 4 Most Important Considerations When Fabricating Steel Barriers

Whether to navigate traffic or provide security, steel barriers are a valuable addition to many public and commercial spaces. Their close cousin – the security gate – is equally important. When fabricating this type of installation, there are a few important dos and don’ts. Let’s take a look.

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