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Why Choose Spiral Staircases For Small Spaces

Why Choose Spiral Staircases For Small Spaces

Do you need to safely connect two floors yet lack vast amounts of space on either? Have you completed an attic renovation or loft conversion and want to move beyond using a retractable ladder to get in and out? Are you looking for a tasteful, efficient, yet unobtrusive addition for your commercial space? If so, a spiral staircase from GLW Engineering could be the right choice for your build.

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Practical & Stylish

Spiral staircases are a stylish, modern solution to a complex problem. Fitting easily between two vertically aligned points, the stairs rise around a central axis to form the titular spiral. Spiral staircases can be made out of wood, metal, and glass. Solid steel construction is the most popular choice for offices, factories and shops, combining versatile coating with safe, firm barriers that still look great in any setting.

Advantages Of Spiral Staircases

Spiral designs have several advantages over traditional straight-rising staircases. They occupy less floor space than any other staircase design (bar a ladder). They can be made as compact or as wide as needed. The central axis and exterior guards can be adjusted to support a range of widths and loads. They can also be fitted to the centre of a room or mid-landing (with proper clearance) with no real need to consider walls and L-turns.

They're also convenient to install, being portable and fixable. The free-standing, bolted designs used in (some) spiral staircases can be disassembled, moved, and reassembled at different base points. This flexibility allows for spiral staircases to be reused across floors, builds, and new renovations with ease.

Value For Money

Spiral staircases are great value for money. The quick cuts required to fit a vertical ascent and the self-contained nature of the staircase mean that costs are reduced. This can save you the time, hassle, and expensive renovations needed to fit a straight staircase to the walls. Spiral staircases also contain their guardrails as part of their design, saving you the trouble of any post-installation work.

Spiral staircases fit into any interior design. The enormous variety of wood, glass, and metal that can be added to compact stairs means that they can blend into almost any colour or material scheme. If you want to conceal the route up instead, their small footprint makes them easier to hide behind other architectural features.

Call or email GLW Engineering today, and we'll discuss what type and make of spiral staircase you'll need to complete your project.

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