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The Top 4 Most Important Considerations When Fabricating Steel Barriers

Whether to navigate traffic or provide security, steel barriers are a valuable addition to many public and commercial spaces. Their close cousin – the security gate – is equally important. When fabricating this type of installation, there are a few important dos and don’ts. Let’s take a look.

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Structural Steel Fabrication, Metal Fabrication in Norwich, Handrailing Fabrication

Pros And Cons Of Horizontal Cable Railings

Horizontal cable railings are a trendy option that’s enjoying a comeback as an alternative to metal, wood or glass barriers in residential and commercial properties. Cable railings are horizontal, twisted wire ropes attached to vertical posts made of metal or wood, with a top guard rail for safety and support.

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Jan & Feb 2019 Project Highlights

January and February have been a busy month for our teams. We’ve been working up a sweat taking on tough projects from many clients and bringing them to life. Let’s take a look at what we’ve achieved this month and the skills we’ve successfully honed.

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Handrailing Fabrication

UK Building Regulations For Handrails: A Quick Guide To Everything You Need To Know

Whether you need guardrails and handrails for the stairs of a commercial office development, or for a new mezzanine floor in factory or warehouse, there is a raft of specifications required by UK Building Regulations to ensure your handrails and railings meet required legislation for safety and building compliance.

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Metal Fabrication in Norwich, Handrailing Fabrication

The Fabrication Process For Handrailings

No matter how modern the ‘cost is no object’ interior of your client’s new office complex, the pièce de résistance is often the contemporary sweeping stairway with its glass balustrades and stainless steel handrails leading up to a mezzanine floor and surrounding balcony. In other areas of the business, such as warehouse or factory floor,[...]

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