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How Do We Guarantee Accurate Quotations For All Of Our Projects?

How Do We Guarantee Accurate Quotations For All Of Our Projects

Getting an accurate, reasonable, and appropriate quotation for your project is one of the most important parts of planning any new steel build. But how is it possible to get an accurate estimate before the parts are purchased, manufactured, and assembled?

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Precision Steelwork Planning

GLW Engineering uses a combined cost-analysis strategy to ensure that all of our quotes for custom steel orders are accurate, precise, and affordable for our clients. Here's what we take into account when planning the outline of any new steel engineering project.

Technical Drawings

At the core of every one of our plans is a highly detailed technical drawing. This is a diagram that considers every separate part of the build, as well as the timescale it will take to produce everything and the staff that will be involved.

It also details what steel variant materials each piece will be made out of, if any special treatments or finishes need to be applied, and a rough plan of how the final part will be transported, installed, and implemented. This allows our clients to factor in any excess costs that might not be readily apparent.

Why Is It Important To Have A Detailed Technical Plan?

Having a clear vision of what you want your steel piece to be in advance aids the client, the designers, and the manufacturers. Accurate costs that take into account materials, parts, and labour allow clients to budget and set aside a lump sum to pay for the project.

A detailed technical plan helps establish boundaries as to what's realistic in a project. It's important to know ahead of time what to expect from the final construction and to anticipate the time that will be taken to build and finish the structure from an initial blueprint.

It may also be that a better solution presents itself by planning. Materials and specification can be easily changed beforehand, saving costly modifications and revisions to steel that has already been installed.

Technical Drawings From GLW Engineering

At GLW Engineering, we assess, plan, and cost every part of our custom steel designs well in advance of making them. This lets us pass on a reasonable, affordable quote that is easily manageable to each one of our clients. Call or email us today to discuss your steel ideas. We're still taking orders during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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