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What Is A CE Marking & What Are The CE Legislations?

What Is A CE Marking & What Are The CE Legislations

Quality and reliability are everything when it comes to manufacturing. When the fabricated part is an element of your building, vehicle, or equipment, you really need to guarantee that every single quality standard is covered. CE marks help you identify good manufacturing standards. Here’s your 101 guide to what’s involved.


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What Is A CE Marking?

The CE mark was derived in 1985. It is a legally binding symbol that shows that a product has passed stringent quality standards testing required by the EU and – post-Brexit – the UK. There are many different independent testing criteria and standards for all products, and if they are stamped with a CE it means that they are of the highest legal quality. These standards are updated routinely, so products have to pass the most recent testing criteria in order to carry their CE badge.

Does It Really Matter?

For the UK, displaying the CE symbol – even if a company had the quality credentials – wasn’t always mandatory. As such, many British manufactured products do not ensure that their CE mark is displayed, or do not invest in developing the skills to acquire one.

As such, the lack of a symbol is a red herring when trying to determine a good fabrication company from a lackadaisical one. In reality, the amount of products that are exempt from CE standards (which amounts to a handful of balustrades, railings, and steel balconies), are very few. The legislation makes it clear that any construction part for a building or civil engineering project must confirm to CE restrictions.

So, Does Everyone Have The CE Accreditation?

Unfortunately not. The wording of the legislation is filled with loopholes and ambiguities. It is therefore a good idea to check with the Construction Products Directive (CPD) and the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) to ensure that your manufacturer meets the minimum standards for load-bearing capacity, design protocols, tensile strength, and steel welding processes.

Where Does GLW Fit?

At GLW Engineering, we believe that playing it safe benefits everyone. We have CE marks for all of our products. These include structural steel, bolts, and hot-dipped galvanising. We take the CPD and the CRP seriously, as these close the legal loopholes relating to manufacturing standards. For your peace of mind, all our products – including railings and balustrades – carry the CE stamp of approval.

Find Out More

Whether your project is large or small, we would like to hear from you. GLW Engineering creates bespoke parts for unique needs, and all of our services are CE approved. For more information or a free quote, simply get in touch today.

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