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5 Reasons Why Shot Blasting Is Better Than Chemical Cleaners

shot blasting

Shot blasting has recently become an essential part of the metal and steel fabrication industry since it is cost effective and leave good finish. Shot blasting is used when preparing architectural or structural steel component for finishing.

1) Cost

The abrasive grit, or ‘shot’ used for shot blasting is cheaper than liquid chemicals especially when covering large surface areas; for instance, steel girders, engines, industrial machinery. Moreover, it is possible to collect up to 90 per cent of unused ‘shot’ for recycling, and that makes the process more eco-friendly than liquid cleaners – as well as more cost effective.

2) Versatility

Shot blasting results in a smooth, fine or rough surface depending on the technique of use and the desired results. Hence it is applicable in many industries. These include the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, and the construction industry.

3) Environmental Safety

Shot blasting is non-carcinogenic and contains no solvents, so it does not pose the risk to human health as chemicals can. It also does not contain chemicals that are likely to cause environmental damage. Liquid cleaner, on the other hand, generally require careful disposal because they are potentially harmful to the environment

4) Removes Rust

Shot blasting removes rust from metal surfaces and therefore increases the longevity of the metals. In addition, shot blasting helps people detect faults such as cracks on the surfaces.

5) Speed of Completion of Project

Projects are completed faster when shot blasting is applied, as there is less lag time before the top coat of paint or protective coating (often a powder) can be applied.

Long Lasting Results

Shot blasting produces uniform patterns and ensures the longevity of any protective coating or subsequent paint job. To find out more, please call to have a chat with one of our engineers on 01945 464637.

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