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5 Tips To Restore Your Alloys' Good Looks

5 Tips To Restore Your Alloys Good Looks

Alloys can last a long time without losing their attractive appearance, but it all depends on the degree of care of the driver. Dings and dents caused by mounting pavements or coming into contact with obstructions cause marked deterioration in their appearance. The time comes when a proud owner may consider either replacing the entire set or refurbishing them. The decision usually comes down to cost and the attractiveness of the result.

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Refurbing and restoring your alloys is easy to get wrong, which is why most car owners prefer getting it professionally done – appearance is everything when looking at your car’s alloys.

Here are a few actions you can take to ensure your alloys stay looking good for longer:


1) Check For Damage As Opposed To Corrosion

It’s important to distinguish between corrosion and structural damage. If the structure has been compromised through damage or corrosion, then it is a major safety risk and should be replaced.


2) Remove The Brake Dust From The Back Of The Wheel

It’s amazing how often you see roughness in paintwork at the back of the wheel. This is because brake dust was not removed first and probably indicates that the wheel was not properly cleaned before painting. One of the benefits of powder coating is that the entire wheel is cleaned and coated. There is no temptation to skip “hidden” bits like there is when painting.


3) Easier Popping & Refitting Of The Tyre Beading

The beading is how the tyre edges are held in place where they meet the wheel rim. There is a groove in the rim into which the thin edges of the tyre fits snugly, creating a leakproof seal through pressure from the tyre itself when it is inflated. Breaking the beading is done after the tyre has been deflated. Re-inflating the tyre pops the edges back into the groove. The process is made much quicker and easier by applying a little washing up liquid to the beading area to add some slipperiness.


4) Can Alloy Wheels Be Powder Coated? Yes!

Powder coating wheel rims is recommended for a longer lasting, more durable finish. Its eye catching because the thick protective skin formed by the coating process takes on a very attractive shiny quality. That skin is also very durable and long lasting on road conditions.


5) Powder Coating Wheel Rims Is Best For Corrosion

A powder coating shop will remove all corrosion using shot blasting or gentler sand blasting depending on the degree of corrosion and the type of wheels.


How Much To Powder Coat Wheels?

The cost varies depending on the wheel type and size, the metal, and the degree of damage or corrosion. The best way of finding the cost is to send photos of the wheels to your chosen powder coating specialists.


Powder Coating Your Alloy Wheels In Cambs, Norfolk, Suffolk & Lincolnshire

Our workshop in March, Cambs is perfectly situated to service the surrounding area for all powder coating requirements including alloy wheel refurbishment. Contact us for a free quote and estimated turnaround time for your wheels etc.

Image source: Pixabay

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