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How Does Powder Coating Work?

how does powder coating work

Even though traditional painting can offer good results in terms of quality, powder coating is a superior alternative with many fascinating benefits. In the past, manufacturers had to use liquid paint to get colour. Nowadays, dry powder is applied and then melted down to create a durable protective surface. Powder coating leaves lasting colour and has many advantages over a conventional liquid painting.

How It Works

Normally, a manufacturer needs 4 pieces of equipment to start a powder spray system: power unit, powder feeder, powder booth recovery system, and an electrostatic gun. Powder goes to the sprayed gun through a special feeder where it is diffused into a fluid state by compressed air. The powder goes through a venturi and is applied to the surface by high-velocity air.

With the powder feeder, it's possible to control the flow of powder. You can change air and powder volume and have any thickness coverage you want. Depending on the model, a powder feeder can provide velocity and discharge pressure to feed the gun up to 30 feet away.

Powder is propelled towards the surface through a spray gun in a form of a high density cloud. Low amperage, high voltage equipment delivers electrodes to the spray gun. Electrodes get attached to the powder. This scientific process ensures that molecules attach to the surface and form strong bonds. Unlike traditional painting, it can maintain its original state for many years without cracking.

The Main Benefits Of Powder Coating

Compared to traditional liquid painting, powder coating has multiple advantages:

  • Provides more consistent and higher quality results, always leaving a clean finish.
  • Unlike liquid paint, dries evenly and doesn't require more than one coating.
  • When it's dry, it's not susceptible to chipping or peeling.
  • It forms a glass seal over the surface that is thicker and more durable than 2 or 3 coatings of conventional paint.
  • Produces heavy-duty, long-lasting results using modern technology.

Basically, powder coating technology can be explained in 3 statements:

  • Powder coating uses scientific principles to attract items of opposite charges to each other.
  • It's possible to treat any surface without powder coating, including all metals. This makes suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • The object receives one charge and the powder is given the opposite charge. This ensures a solid bond that lasts for years.

The surface to be treated is connected to a piece of equipment that will charge it negatively. The powder gun gives the coloured powder a positive charge. Then it is sprayed on the surface and attached to it. Powder particles are attached to the surface immediately, so no overspray occurs. Unlike conventional paint, powder coating can be reused for future applications.

Contract Powder Coating Service From GLW Engineering

At GLW Engineering we offer a competitive powder coating service for all types of steel component or industrial application. To find out more, please speak with one of our engineers today on 01945 464 637.

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