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What Are The Advantages Of Plasma Cutting?

What Are The Advantages Of Plasma Cuttings

Plasma cutting is a state-of-the-art technique employed to cut metals with superior precision and accuracy. Though once an expensive option, recent advances mean the plasma-cutting process can now deliver ultra-sharp cutting performance with optimal efficiency, which makes the pricing extremely competitive.

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What Is Modern Plasma Cutting?

Today’s plasma cutting uses an accelerated jet of hot plasma (superheated, electrically conductive gas) which makes light work of cutting through most metals, including steel and stainless steel, aluminium, brass, and copper. The process is regulated by precise computer control systems guided by sophisticated software programs. Not only is plasma cutting now amazingly accurate, this modern technology is also highly flexible and thus capable of handling projects of much greater complexity which demand higher levels of detailing.

Advantages Of High-Definition Plasma Cutting Technology

1) Plasma cutting is now cheaper than both laser cutting and water jet cutting. However, the days are long gone when securing a cheaper price meant settling for a low-quality output. Ultra-sharp plasma cutting can deliver quality which rivals other more expensive methods.

2) Plasma cutting offers amazing cutting speeds. This method requires no preheating, and thus offers a speed of operation superior to that achievable using either water jet or laser cutting. As a result, a quicker throughput is guaranteed – and this increased productivity – which produces more parts in less time – also reduces project turnaround schedules.

3) Plasma cutting prevents materials from overheating, even at high operating temperatures. Modern methods allow cutting machinery to remain cool, even when the job demands high-temperature cutting. This means the process will not contribute extra heat that could otherwise destroy or degrade the material.

4) Plasma cutting avoids surface warping: Excess heat has the potential to cause metal workpieces to twist, bend and distort when heat is transferred to the material, degrading the final product. But the fast cutting speeds employed, as well as the precision and control plasma-cutting technology offers, can be relied upon to avoid such issues.

5) Plasma cutting avoids damage to paint and coatings. The process tends to melt and blow hot molten metal away from the cut. This reduces the amount of dross left behind and minimises the possibility of surface damage and defects. That means there may be little or no final finishing required, which has positive cost implications for the customer.

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At GLW Engineering, we use plasma cutting to create fast, accurate cuts in a wide range of applications. Though both laser and water jet cutting processes still have some applications, those seeking fast, cost-effective metal cutting with more than comparable accuracy and precision should take a serious look at the advantages ultra-sharp plasma cutting can offer. Get in touch to find out more.

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