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How To Protect Metal Railings From Corrosion

Rust can not only affect the appearance of metal railings, but also their structural integrity, posing a potential safety hazard to users. It isn’t just visible corrosion you need to watch out for. If appropriate preventive steps are not taken, rusting may even occur from the inside, seriously compromising the strength of the railings and causing[...]

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How To Avoid Rust On Your Steel Balustrades

Steel is an excellent choice of metal for balustrades, as it offers decent resistance to rust and tarnishing as well as an eye-catching appearance that is both sleek and contemporary. However, despite its weather resistant properties, steel is not totally free from corrosion, particularly if it is poorly maintained.

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Structural Steel Fabrication, Balustrade Fabrication, Handrailing Fabrication

Aluminium Or Steel Balustrades: Which Is The Most Sustainable Option?

When you’re choosing balustrades, handrails, and railings for a project, there are many reasons why you may opt for one material over another. For example, you may prioritise appearance, durability, corrosion resistance, or cost, with the decision likely to be influenced by factors such as the location of the metalwork, the environmental[...]

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3 Ways That Shot Blasting Can Improve Your Metalwork

Shot blasting is an abrasive ‘blast’ surface treatment that uses round metal shots that are propelled under high velocity, commonly to polish a metal substrate, to strengthen it, or to repair damaged metalwork by closing cracks or tiny tears. The force required to propel the particles is achieved using a centrifuge or wheel, spun at high[...]

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Powder Coating

Paint Vs Powder Coating For Steel Fabrications

Surface finishing is vital for coating reactive metals such as steel. Without a suitable finish, oxidation can cause rust to form, which is not only unsightly but also threatens to weaken the structure, hastening its premature failure. Surface coatings are, therefore, more than just a way to improve the aesthetics of a steel fabricated object, as[...]

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The Latest Trends In Laser Welding And How It Can Save You Money

With the rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recent years, many aspects of manufacture and fabrication will likely be revolutionised in the not-too-distant future. The fully automated laser welding machine, for example, could be on the horizon sooner than you think: able to decide for itself where and how to weld, to identify[...]

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Manufacturing Or Fabrication? What Are The Differences, And Do They Matter?

To many non-specialists, manufacturing and fabrication are simply two workshop-based processes that use various techniques to assemble or produce metal products. Often, the two terms are used interchangeably, with little awareness of the differences. While many of the methods used in manufacturing and fabrication may be similar, the difference[...]

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Metal Fabrication in Norwich

How To Guarantee Quality Results From Your Welding & Metal Fabrication Contractor

The quality of the weld is extremely important in any fabrication project, as it guarantees the integrity, durability, and longevity of any structure. Quality control checks during and after welding are vital to ensure that high standards have been achieved. Any weakness in the weld, from tiny holes to splits or cracks, could be disastrous in the[...]

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Fabrication Using Sheet Metal: Why Thickness Matters For Metal Fabrication Projects

The fabrication of sheet metal is a highly specialised task, requiring expert knowledge, skills, and equipment. If you’re planning to outsource the architectural steelwork for a civil engineering, commercial, or construction project, it’s vital to employ the services of a competent fabricator who can guarantee high-quality finishing that complies[...]

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Powder Coating

What Are The Most Effective Corrosion Prevention Coatings?

Traditional galvanisation and newer hot zinc spray technologies are standard anti-corrosion treatments for vulnerable metals. However, they may not always be desirable or even necessary. Several other corrosion-resistant treatments are found in the form of coatings. The suitability of these will depend on several factors, such as aesthetics,[...]

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