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Are Powder Coated Wheels Durable & Robust?

Are Powder Coated Wheels Durable & Robust

Car owners ask what makes powder coating so durable and robust, and why it’s preferred over paint for a long-lasting protective coating on their alloys. To find the answers let’s take a look at powder coating - how powders are made, what ingredients give protection, and how the powder coating process works.

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How Does A Dry Powder Turn Into A Hard Wearing Protective Coat?

The powders contain a mix of special pigments and resins. They are sprayed onto the surface of your wheels using a special airgun. Then the wheels are heated for about 20 minutes under industrial infra-red lights. The powder melts and flows at between 150 to 200 °C and forms a tough protective shield.

The powders are based on polymer resins along with with colour pigments and additives like flow modifiers, levelling agents and other substances. The ingredients are mixed together in a heat treatment known as melt mixing. Then they are cooled and ground into a powder.

The Secret Is In The Resins

Resins are thick viscous liquids that turn into hard substances permanently. After curing at high temperature for powder coating, the resins turn into polymers. Polymers are big tough molecules made up of many smaller resin molecules. PVC is a well-known example of a polymer that withstands wear and tear. The shield created by powder coating is thick, tough and very hard wearing. Because of the thermal bonding process during curing, a powder coating is resistant to chemicals, ultraviolet light, moisture, impacts and extreme weather conditions.

Do Powder Coated Wheels Chip?

Not easily. Anything will chip if it is struck with enough force by a hard, sharp object. When powder coating alloy wheels, we ensure that the coat is thick. That means it will withstand the impact of our roads on our wheels.

Is Powder Coating Wheel Rims Better Than Painting?

Powder coating is said to last up to three times longer than paint under the same conditions. The beautiful shiny finish of powder coated alloys makes a car stand out from the crowd. Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to wear, fading and scratching than other finishes. Colours remain vibrant and bright for longer.

How To Get Your Wheels Powder Coated

At our workshop here in March, our dedicated powder coating facility can deliver a fast turnaround. Call us for a quote on 01945 464 637.

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