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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Working With A Custom Stainless Steel Fabricator

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Contracting custom steel fabrication is an important part of any building process, but there are a few things to consider before you decide on who to trust with getting the job done. Any custom engineering project will have a variety of challenges associated with it, so you need to know that the company you choose will be up to the task.

Here at GLW Engineering we have worked with many construction projects over the years, so we are in a good position to give you a little help when it comes to choosing the right partner for your steel components. Although every job will be different, there are several important things to consider in each case. Here are some important things that we have learned over the years, and we would recommend you carefully consider all of them before commissioning your next steel fabrication job.

Mistake 1: Not Giving Enough Lead Time

In custom steel fabrication, like any industry, the lead time you give your suppliers will make a big difference for the entire process. When you need to contract custom work on a short timescale, everything becomes more complicated, and the prices will often rise as a result. The fabricator will need to use more staff to do the same job, and may need to rearrange other projects.

In addition to keeping costs down, giving your fabricator enough lead time will help ensure that you receive the best quality possible. When a timetable puts a fabricator under delivery pressure, no matter how competent they are, mistakes are far more likely to happen. In some cases this may mean some minor imperfections in the finished product, or in more serious cases, it may mean missed delivery dates.

Regardless, talking to a reliable fabricator as soon as possible will ensure that your clients get the best product for their budget.

Mistake 2: Overlooking Compliance

Statutory compliance in the UK is a serious matter for structural steel fabrications. While Brexit may change the current rules over the coming years, today all steel items that are to be used in buildings must meet specific EU quality standards to ensure that they are fit-for-purpose. When you choose a shop to do your steel construction, make sure they know the rules and how to adhere to them. At GLW we apply CE mark standards to both structural and architectural steel components.

Mistake 3: Not Using A Local Company

When choosing a fabricator, make sure you choose someone in the area that you will be installing the new piece. Steelwork is heavy, and whenever it has to be moved, the price will rise. In addition to a higher cost, using far flung suppliers opens your project to all the risks that can take place on the road, such as traffic delays, bad weather and accidents. Choosing to use a local fabricator also lets you check-up on their previous work in the area, and talk to some of their other clients. It follows that it is beneficial to choose a fabricator that can do all their work in-house, as subcontracting work (such as steel galvanisation) usually means transit to and from the contractor’s place of business.

Mistake 4: Putting Low Price Before Quality

There is always the temptation to cut costs whenever possible, but with bespoke steel fabrication this can often be a false-economy. When you invest in steel constructions on your client's behalf, it is very important to make sure you commission work that will stand the test of time. The difference in price between a quality job and a mid-range one isn't generally an order of magnitude, but when it comes to durability, additional quality assurances can make all the difference.

High Quality Custom Steelwork From GLW Engineering

Here at GLW Engineering we know what it takes to deliver great work, on time. We have extensive experience working with project managers to create lasting value for their clients, and we are glad to talk you though the whole process. If you are putting together a construction plan, please give a call on 01945 464 647 for more information about our services. We are happy to talk to you about your options, and find a custom solution for your needs.

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